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Hello everyone!! As many of you know last weekend we attended the fair in Munich to participate in the first edition of the BLOGGER SPECTACLE, the Opti organization has been a pioneer in having a group of bloggers from all over Europe and organize a series of activities around The fair, from here we thank them because they have done an incredible job.

Here with André Oliveira (Mr. Sunglasses) & Maarten Weidema (The Eyewear Forum)

Within the bloggers there were 50% Eyewear Bloggers, like us, and the other half  Fashion bloggers. The program consisted of a first WALK&BLOG TOUR through different stans that we had chosen among all bloggers by voting some days before the fair. After this tour of 10 stans we got into our most important mission: to choose the best «stars up» project within the 16 brands invited to the optiboxes and to award them the first BLOGGER SPECTACLE award, for that each brand had 3 Minutes to explain its project.

The program did not end with the delivery of the prize to the winning brand but the organization invited us to a party where we could enjoy a great meeting all bloggers. Without a doubt the best part of the day was being able to share with our colleagues this experience and share experiences about the great passion that unites us, eyewear.

Today we will give you a summary of the WALK&BLOG TOUR and in the next delivery we will be fully involved in the tour of the optiboxes and delivery of the BLOGGER SPECTACLE adward.

Family photo of the whole group of bloggers (we’ll leave a list at the end so you can investigate each one)


In this first stop we were able to discover the collection of glasses of this German fashion firm, with a contemporary style highlight several acetate models with very cool white and black acetates and others that combine different materials and textures.


Like the previous brand, Aigner is a signature of accessories and luxury clothing such as handbags and wallets. The collection of glasses maintains the color and elegance that combines perfectly with its accessories.


The Catalan brand continues to manufacture models with breaker designs, maxigafas and acetates in the form of bamboo are some of the new proposals of the brand. (From here we send a kiss to Elly Van Den Berg for his unconditional support;))

Maarten & Nuria with our friend Elly Van Den Berg , she is a lovely eyewear woman


The Swedish creator stands out for creating a collection with a colorful and very personal forms, matt tones and acetates with thin profiles are the common feature of all models of the firm, certainly an eyewear delicatessen.


Youmawo is the first proposal of glasses made in 3D of the day. This German brand seeks that each person can have their glasses fully made to measure, for it is aided by a scanner that is operated with a tablet that makes a virtual image of the user and in a simple way to design your new glasses. The future of 3D is coming to the present thanks to You Mawo.


One of our favorites of the day, we wanted to take a look at this Swiss firm that stands out for its colorful and ingenious system of metal rods of colors personal brand mark. The quality in the design, the magnificent acetates and above all the freshness that emerges from the brand will give much to speak.


The Swiss brand is already a classic and an institution in independent design. The quality, simplicity and above all a perfect execution of their glasses make every piece of GÖTTI a delight. The collection is huge and there are glasses of all shapes, styles and materials that maintain the identity of the brand. They are currently developing a collection in 3D printing and researching new rimless ways frames.


The German firm is pure current trend. All glasses are made of titanium and with a 70s very cinematographic style, for lovers of glasses is a clear revival of the golden age of metal. The oversize styles, with geometric shapes are back to stay. Highlight their new lookbook where the protagonists are people close to their creators and you can really see the freshness of the collection, it is worth taking a look.


A great find! Dierter Funk and Shashee Schuster is the great German couple of eyewear. The DIETER FUNK collection has an oldschool feel with a rocker touch that we love. The SHASHEE SCHUSTER collection is incredibly feminine, with acetates created by herself with leaves, petals and gilles among other things inside the material, they give as result some spectacular glasses, look…


You know that is one of our favorites, few news could see because the stand was full, but highlight a new model of sun with thin acetate, octagonal shape with pastel colors that we loved. ANDY WOLF has established itself as one of the strongest brands in independent design. The new collection of metal made in France completes a giant collection.

Just in that moment we meet Дмитрий Ковальский from Kovalskyi’s Optical Space (Ukrania), very fans of him 😉 » Nice to meet you!!»


The «walk & blog tour» ended at the booth of KBL (kind of bohemian lifestyle). The German brand is characterized by a collection of metal and acetates with a fresh style, where metal glasses with high-quality worked details gain prominence. Some models are clearly inspired by artists like Elvis Presley.

Here ends the first summary of the day 1, in the next post we will tell you all the way through the 16 «stars up» optiboxes brands and the decision we made among all bloggers to deliver the first BLOGGER SPECTACLE award.

Eyewear Bloggers


Fashion Bloggers


See you soon with more interesting things !! hope you liked it!! 🙂 🙂

🙂 THANK YOU!!! 🙂

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