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We are already here again to tell you the last part of our visit to Opti Munich. In previous deliveries we tell you in depth the entire BLOGGERSPECTACLE event in which we participate. Today we will show you all the brands we saw on our account.

The truth is that we really liked this fair, it is medium in size, easy to see in 2 days of visit, well organized and above all that there is a great atmosphere, it has become the alternative to bigger fairs that are unsurpassed in a short visit.

Well, let’s start with the summary and hope you like it …


This is the first time we talk about the Californian brand in the blog. It is a collection of the highest quality «Hand made in Japan» using the best materials in every way, when you touch a Salt Glass you realize what we say. The style of the brand represents the purest essence of the «Californian lifestyle». Within its collection they emphasize very marked models, with others that combine parts of fine titanium that contribute lightness and elegance. We love their collection and the good vibe that comes from everyone who is part of SALT.


The re-founded Austrian brand of which we already speak a couple of years ago has continued with its own style and with the same criterion of quality. The collection combines models that mix acetate with block metals for an extra look and resistance, all the carved metals are amazing and the new models of sun are surprising by the design of their shapes and the new colors. We love!

On the way to the next booth we went to greet the J.F. REY and we take the snapshot that already begins to be a tradition:


It is one of the discoveries of this fair, thanks to Xavi (Topbranding) for taking us to discover this collection from New York. We could say HAZE that is one of those different collections that seek to innovate both in the design and in the introduction of new materials. Glasses with «pieces» of grid, impossible combinations and bright colors are the most outstanding. Definitely a great find.


The Italian brand has been a few years emphasizing making models with a classic-retro cut using materials of high quality «all handmade in Italy». They are clearly betting on the metal with classic but risky forms, a great success since the metal will clearly gain prominence in the coming years.


Original French brand of 1946, a myth within the world of glasses, were a classic and have come back to stay, with the reissue of their classic models of metallic eyebrow and acetate appliques. The truth is they are awesome, we love the classics !!


You know that one of our weaknesses, it’s nice to meet Jean Philippe and try on his glasses with an unmistakable style. The new models that we saw in Silmo last September have already become a timeless classic. The matte-glitter finishes are protagonists in many of their models.


We knew the work of XAVIER DEROME, but not his new projects. Xavier Derome comes from a family of French «lunnetiers» with which the workshop work of glasses is inside him. On one side is the project SPECTACLES FOR HUMANS that together with Jean-Baptiste Zorg, have been working on this collection in order to move away from sadness and seek happiness, all models refer to an antidepressant and cheerful colors and pastel Are characteristic. In addition they have designed a few bracelets of acetate links to match with the glasses.

PLASTICDELUX is the other project of Xavier Derome, with this collection of glasses with very personal and fun colors where he wanted to minimize the manufacturing process leaving the acetate as pure and matte as possible by polishing only the areas that contact the skin. Even the «screws» are made of acetate. Special.


It is a new Italian brand with only metallic glasses, but not in any way but with a unique style and as a sign of identity both terminals have different shape. They have many forms to each one more original. The combinations of colored lenses are another of their strong, this experimentation in the same front has obtained very personal and distinct models.


Little we can say of KIRK & KIRK that we have not already told you in the blog, is one of our favorite brand. As a novelty they have taken new colors with glitter in the collection KALEIDOSCOPE obtaining a spectacular finish and a spectacle with a touch of fantasy. The lightness of the acrylic material and the coloring is still its forte.


The signature of the Dutch firm is its commitment to the environment, together with Mazzucchelli they have developed a black acetate 97% recycled 3% dye, the rest of acetates are certified as bio-sustainable. The collection has a young air with a very personal color.


The Danish firm of which we have spoken on the blog is a collection of metallic glasses of Japanese titanium plated noble metals such as gold and palladium, plus the ability to include diamonds on the fronts. It has positioned itself as one of the most elegant and special brands of nordic design.


The signature continues to impress the character of Barcelona to its entire collection, cheerful colors, forms that feel great and metallic models as a «skeleton» that are already the hallmark of the house. The collection of sun is growing with colors in super striking acetates.


The firm based in Berlin with Portuguese origins is one of our favorites for its design and concept. The pure lines continue to be protagonists besides the incorporation of new models of aluminum. It never ceases to amaze us !!


Essedue has established itself as one of the most international Italian brands and is not by chance. We have already shown some incredible models in the blog, the collection for prescription maintains a colorful neutral with details of contrast on the fronts and rods. Metal models with original shapes are gaining prominence.


Now to end this summary of what was our visit to Opti we do it in a very special way since TAVAT was one of the brands that we did not have time to visit the past Silmo. The brand of Californian origin that manufactures with the highest quality in Italy has achieved that its SOUP CAN collection that we discovered a couple of years ago is already an icon of the design. They have renewed the classic with acetate rods and an even more perfect fit. Other models of the collection maintain elements of that first iconic model as the closure with the shape of clock shank. In addition we could see other models associated with the aviation with some details of design of luxury. «Thanks Roberta for taking time out of your time !!»

With this finished our visit to Opti, the truth is that it has been an incredible experience of which we will keep a good memory in the future. The most important thing was to have been able to be with people who share the same passion as us. From here thanks to all those who have been part of those two days in Munich, to the magnificent organization of the fair and to those who have the patience to get to the end of these reports !!!! See you soon!!!


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