AUMEDO «FACES BEHIND GLASSES» Nuria and Miguel of La Espejuelos

(interview by Judith Biberger)

The Spanish couple Nuria and Miguel founded together their eyewear blog «La Espejuelos» to serve as inspiration to all who are looking for new and fashionable glasses. Bloggers regularly publish articles about the latest independent products and are not afraid to present the most unusual glasses, as they see them as a tool to express their own personality. We had the great pleasure of interviewing this couple and telling us about their blog and their love of glasses.


Who are the founders of the successful eyewear blog?

M: The blog was founded by Nuria and me, Miguel. Nuria studied law, but doesn’t work in this field. She has always had a passion for fashion and glasses. Since I am an optician-optometrist and since there is an optical-boutique with a great tradition for independent eyewear in my family, I have been interested in eyewear and its story since I was a little boy. Were both sharing the same passion for glasses, so we have decided to found our own blog five years ago.

How did the idea of founding an eyewear blog get started?

N: It all started, because I’ve always been in love with fashion blogs and I wanted to have my own blog. I just didn’t know about what exactly. I didn’t want to have the typical fashion blog, I wanted something different. By talking to Miguel, we both realized that there aren’t any blogs for independent eyewear label who weren’t associated with optics. That’s how it all started.

Where do you get your inspiration for the latest eyewear trends?

M: Our day to day is to be in contact with a lot of brands and creators on social media networks, where we discover the most fashionable styles and next trends. We also attend the most important optical fairs, such as SILMO, MIDO, OPTI or COPENHAGEN SPECS, so we can see and try the latest of each brand.

Are there celebrities whose style inspires you?

N: There are very few celebrities that inspire us, since in the end, almost all of them wear the same style of glasses and the same brands that can pay large amounts to them to wear their glasses. They barely risk anything and barely ever try independent brands with unique designs and a high-quality manufacture.

How many glasses/sunglasses to you own together? And who of you owns the most?

M: The first thing that comes to mind is “lots” (laughs). Nuria has way more than I have, but only because there are many more options in the feminine world. The funny thing is that she never has enough! Sometimes when we go out, Nuria just can’t find a single pair which goes with her outfit that day.

Did you start your blog bilingual or at which point did you switch for a more international crowd?

N: We started in Spanish, because everything was just a hobby in the beginning. We could never imagine that we would have that many followers. Then two years ago, we realized, we had the same number of followers abroad as we had in Spain So we decided to start translating our posts and publications on our social media accounts.

That was a key moment for us, because in translating all publications, we began to collaborate with various international eyewear forums, such as “Wenzine Lunettes Originales” from France or “The Eyewear Form. knowing other internacional eyewear blogs like Faceprint (Austria) or Behind My Glasses (Italy) obtaining much internacional diffusion. That way we started to become widely known.

What are your favorite things about your blog-life?

M: Definitely the possibility to participate and collaborate with all the brands and creators we show in the blog. And of course, traveling internationally to the various optical fairs and meeting people who are as passionate about glasses as we are.

Is it hard to combine the optical and the fashion world in one article?

N: Fashion isn’t our priority, but we understand, it is very important and that people are focused on it. When we’ve picked the pair of glasses, we choose the clothes very carefully, to create the perfect outfit. It’s important to highlight the glasses and never the outfit. In the end, the glasses are the true star of our reports.

Which shapes and designs are your favorites at the moment?

M: I like the 80s style and shapes the most at the moment, because they just fit me and go perfectly with my style. Nuria prefers more risky shapes and designs that go beyond the conventional. Oh, and vintage designs make us both crazy.

N: This year, the metal has returned with a boom and we see more and more incredible designs of it. We can’t wait to see what surprises the designers came up with at the optic fairs, which season soon begins.

Thanks to Nuria and Miguel for the interview!

You can see the original interview on Aumedo website here


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