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Hello everyone!! We are already here with the second part of the BLOGGER SPECTACLE event organized by OPTI Munich last week. A few days ago we told you the «WALK & BLOG TOUR» for 10 brands that bloggers had chosen previously the fair.

Today we will tell you the most important part that consisted in deciding which was the best brand «newcomer» within the 16 «start-up» projects invited to the OPTIBOXES. The optiboxes is an area of the fair where expose 16 new brands invited by the organization following the advice of experts within the sector. Each brand had 3 minutes to explain to the bloggers what their project consisted of and then by secret ballot each of us decided on their favorite project. The most voted would be awarded the BLOGGER SPECTACLE award.

We will show brand to brand, so that you can see the great variety of projects and concepts that we could see:


Does it ring you? We already teach it to you in our SILMO report. The brand originated in Soho (New York) has been proposed to create novel designs with a own personality and fun.


3D German glasses mark. This type of manufacture is fashionable, Bawsome is distinguished by the futuristic design of his glasses introducing flat lenses in his designs.


Lask has developed a rather ingenious hinge system with a kind of plastic profile that allows extra flexibility to the glasses.


The brand of Berlin origin has created a collection of 3D glasses in one piece, the rods also get caught between them when folding the glasses making it allowing that despite not having hinges the glasses can be easily stored.


This collection of German glasses uses wood and acetate as a raw material to make their glasses.


It is a German brand that makes custom-made glasses one by one where the user can choose from a multitude of possibilities.


The Barcelona brand was one of our discoveries of the past SILMO. They build 0.5 mm thick steel frames with incredible design based on architectural concepts. Simply unbeatable design and manufacturing.


This 3D signature was one of the ones chosen for the «WALK & BLOG TOUR» and we talked about it in the previous installment. The German company offers the possibility, thanks to a scanner system, to make a virtual image of the user and to design their glasses to measure modifying a lot of variables.


The German brand makes glasses with a contemporary design within what we could call Nordic design with sober colors and clean designs.


His glasses are made with a mixture of layers of wood, paper and some model was added some layer of stone to obtain finishes and unique textures with an extraordinary lightness.


The Spanish brand born on the shores of the Mediterranean brings a fresh image with a collection for women only. They have a colorful and super fun forms that feel great, definitely a great find that will surely give a lot to talk about.


Another brand of Spanish origin where colored acetates and marked shapes stand out in this young collection.


The last 3D brand of the day. They combine very modern designs with others slightly more enveloping and sporty than the other brands we could see, their glasses fit perfectly to the face.


German brand with sober but very elegant design with a handmade finish with the perfection that characterizes the Germans.


The French brand has developed a completely removable frame system thanks to a small tool assembled on the rod. The user can easily disassemble the glasses in a few seconds and can change the color of certain parts of the front and rods to obtain several glasses in one.


The Italian brand has its origin in a family with tradition in the world of wine, using the wood of the wine barrels to make the glasses rods. The result is quite amazing where in fact the shapes of the fronts and the combination of metal-acetate stand out.

Here ended our tour where we could touch and test the glasses of the 16 projects. At this point it was time to decide what the winning project was. All bloggers cast our vote secretly. Before the awards ceremony we had the opportunity to record a video with STYLE CLICKER, photography blogger, in charge of covering this part of the event …


After a slight introduction of the organizers of the event came the time to discover the brand that would take the 1st BLOGGER SPECTACLE ADWARD ……. and the winner was ……. LOOL !!!

Without a doubt our favorite brand !! Aris Rubio and Alex Gonzalez went up for the prize .. the truth is that they deserve it for having carried out this project with a design and quality out of the ordinary. From here we congratulate them and we wish them a great future. 😉

We leave you a great video of the event BLOGGER SPECTACLE where you can see a brief summary of what happened during our tour of the optiboxes;)


After a hard day touring the stands throughout the fair, the organization invited us to a kind of cocktail where we were finally able to relax and enjoy some time with our bloggers friends. We leave you a few photos …


Our visit to OPTI does not end here, these two reports only referred to the event for bloggers. In the next delivery we will tell you the brands we visited on our account that were not few !!!

Hope you liked it!!! See you soon!!!!


🙂 THANK YOU!!! 🙂 

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